Really Kind of Glad to See Rivers Leave Duke for the NBA

Austin_rivers_mediumPerhaps Austin Rivers was the best player on the 2011-2012 Duke Blue Devil basketball team, but to be honest I am just fine to see him go to the NBA. I was immensely unhappy watching the type of ball last year’s team played and I would pretty much be happier losing if we at least played more of a team concept. I think this is going to be a pretty rough season that shall be starting next month, but I am looking to it a lot more than I would have if it were going to be more of the Austin Rivers show. I just do not see how any team can ever be truly successful with a guy like him dominating the ball. He just is not a good enough player to to dominate the ball like he did last year. I was happy when Coach K sat him down for gunning and I am just fine to see him suit up in the uniform of the New Orleans Hornets. It was great when he hit that shot to rip out of the hearts of the Tar Heel fans, but for the most part he just made me angry.

I am not a complete ideologue about the game, but I do not think it is just a game and I definitely think there is a right way to play that game. You should have as much ball movement as it takes to get the best possible shot. The entire essence of the game is to make your opponent take difficult shots and to get the best possible field goal attempts for yourself. Rivers is way too much of chucker for my liking and worse than that he just is not good enough to play the style of basketball that he does.


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